Kids in the Sink

Yesterday there was a bit of an accident. A head injury, actually. You see, it’s nice and warm outside here in NC and we were letting the kids enjoy the beautiful weather. I (Melissa) had just said how great it was for them to be outside playing for two reasons: because it’s good for them and because then they’re not destroying the sound quality of the house.

No sooner had those words left my mouth before we heard the scream. You know the one, the scream where you know that baby is hurt. We rushed outside and for a second we wondered where the blue dye on Bailey’s forehead had come from. We quickly realized it wasn’t dye, but an instant, horrible goose-egg.

We were pretty calm about it because Pilot gets head injuries weekly (his head is in the 99th% so ya know, it’s bound to happen) and we…

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