Not-So-Successful Chicken Parmesan Bake

Well, I attempted my first Chicken Parmesan recipe and it didn’t turn out quite as I had planned.

I was following this video recipe from Food Wishes and it started out well enough.

My first problem was I didn’t have all the fresh spices and herbs that recipe used and I had Mexican blend shredded cheese instead of  the Mozzarella that it called for… but I improvised, and the substitute ingredients weren’t actually a problem.

The recipe uses croutons as a layer in the bake as an alternative to breading the chicken. While the croutons look pretty before the dish goes into the oven, they are a real pain to eat when they are in whole pieces. If you’re planning on trying this recipe, which I do recommend, try crushing the croutons a bit before sprinkling them on. That way it’s not such a hassle to eat afterwards.

My second issue was that I used real, raw chicken breasts for the first time. Not the Grilled and Ready chicken I was rooting for in my last post. Me being paranoid, I left the bake in there a bit longer than 30 minutes (the required time) because I was afraid the chicken wouldn’t be cooked all the way through. Well, the chicken did cook all the way through, but my croutons burned! What a bummer.

Past the large chunks of burned croutons, this was actually pretty tasty. Next time I’ll definitely crush the croutons and not leave it in so long!

If you have any suggestions for making Chicken Parm, please leave comments and let me know. I plan on making this again and hopefully having better luck.



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