Taco bites: tacos in cupcake form

Apparently I only eat tacos in some shape or form. I promise that’s not true. And with that being said here is my attempt at taco bites. I was going by this recipe.

To start off, I don’t have a mini cupcake pan like that recipe called for so I bought Fillo Dough pastry sheets and made my own cups in a regular sized cupcake pan. It worked well except  they were more like paper than dough because I didn’t wait for them to completely thaw. (At least I think that’s the reason they were so papery, feel free to comment if this is totally wrong.)

Who knew patience was so important in cooking?..

Anyway, I started by putting the ground beef chuck in a skillet to brown while I constructed my taco-cupcake crusts. To make the crusts out of the pastry sheets, I cut them into triangles and lined each cup.

I added the seasoning to the beef for the tacos. I used a Cheesy Taco flavor from McCormick, which was so much better than the McCormick mild seasoning that I used in my previous tacos.

I added the meat to the cups and topped each with some Mexican style cheese from Kraft. I popped them in the oven for about eight minutes like the recipe called for. When they were finished, I topped them with sour cream and called it dinner.

My improvised cups weren’t as pretty as the original recipe but they ended up being delicious.

I definitely recommend this recipe. My roommates and I ate them as a full meal but the mini-taco bites would be great for parties.

Some tips:

Let the pastry sheets thaw all the way!

Grease the cups before adding the crust.

Drain the beef really well before adding it to the cups.


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